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Pita Deepa Desha by Lakshmi Bai (1940)

Lakshami Bai took the enchanting melody of Dhivya Dharisanam and changed the lyrics to write a patriotic song about Sri Lankan natives adapting to the colonizer’s lifestyle and turning their backs on their countrymen.

Writing about the song, Eshantha Peris notes: “Interestingly, the new Sinhala lyrics set to these Tamil film songs often promoted strong sentiments of Sinhalese nationalism. Puththu saha Piyavaru uses one such song as a point of reference, namely Pita Deepa Desha Jayagaththaa– performed by the famous Malay singer Lakshmi Bai - which criticises Sinhalese who appropriate foreign lifestyles. [...] Patriotic cultural production throughout this era was truly multi-ethnic in origin, with many key figures being native speakers of Tamil (in real life, they were Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims such as M K Rocksamy and Mohideen Baig)

  • Source: https://groundviews.org/2018/05/28/the-multiculturalism-of-sinhala-song-a-review-of-sons-and-fathers/

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