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History Behind Street Names

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Thanks for sharing these Exibits

ashan History Behind Street Names

The exhibit was very interactive, and taught me knew things about my home town.

Jonathan History Behind Street Names

The Incomplete Thombu

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My favourite exhibit was The Incomplete Thombu. I found the stories very moving.

Anonymous The Incomplete Thombu

I really like the contents. The memories one was in fact the most interesting.

Akila The Incomplete Thombu

It was a great experience moving through all sections. Taught me history is not only about kings and statues but our memories too

Suloshana The Incomplete Thombu

I found the interactive keyboard very interesting

Geethika Scripted

I enjoyed scrolling through the evolution of Sinhala and Tamil letters. I didn’t know they had the same origins.

Anonymous Scripted

The posters and the real life sample items gave a good understanding about history. It was a fun learning experience!

Anonymous Scripted

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