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Danno Budunge

Danno Budunge was originally created for the stage drama "සි" සඟබෝ” (Si Sangabo) which was performed in 1903. The lyrics were written by Makalandalage John de Silva (1857-1922) a playwright and play-producer, a pioneer in the field of Sinhala drama, for his drama ‘Sirisangabo Charitaya’, and the melody was developed by the Indian musician Vishwanath Lauji. Danno Budunge is a popular song that is repeatedly played during the Vesak and Poson months. Although the version we hear the most often is by Pandith Amaradeva, this song was sung by many different artists in their own style at various times in history. The latest is the version sung by Kishani Jayasinghe, at the 68th Independence Day celebrations at Galle Face Green in 2016 which caused a lot of debate and discussions.

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  • Credit: Sooriya Records
  • Credit: Roar Media

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