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Isso vadai (Southern regions)

The distinguishing feature of this vadai is that it is flat and has about three or four shrimp laid out on top of the vadai. The vadai is crispy and is usually served with an onion relish smeared on top. While you will be able to find these vadais in the Southern regions of the island, they are very popular in Colombo. If you find yourself with a hankering for isso vadai, you will be able to find a vendor by the promenade along Galle Face in Colombo.


  • 500g dhal

  • ½ coconut

  • 100g green chili

  • 25g Ginger + Garlic

  • Curry leaves

  • 50 g onions

  • flour + water (to make a paste)

  • salt

  • shrimp


  • Pestle and mortar, or an electric grinder.


  • Grind the dhal for about 10 minutes

  • Add coconut

  • Grind again into a paste for another 10 minutes

  • Place the paste in a bowl

  • Add onions, green chilies, garlic & ginger mix , curry leaves and salt

  • knead

  • Heat a pan full of oil

  • Roll the dough into small balls

  • Squish the balls flat

  • Apply the flour and water mix (paste)

  • Stick 3 shrimps on top

  • Deep fry till crispy and the vadai is a nice golden colour

  • Serve it with a topping you prefer

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