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Coconut Sambol

Coconut sambol is a dish that is unique to Sri Lanka. It can be perfectly paired with local staples like rice, rotis, stringhoppers, and hoppers. While coconut sambol is made in different ways from region to region -- or even home to home -- over all the sambol is a delicious combination of flavours; salty, spicy, sweet, and sour. Traditionally coconut sambol is prepared on a miris gala (grinding stone) or in a pestle. The basic ingredients used are scraped coconut, red chilies, onions, salt, and lime juice. Depending on the community and which part of the country you come from, various other ingredients are added to make it flavourful and unique to a particular area or family. Listed below are some unique recipes of coconut sambol that are either regional or family specific.

Pol sambol
(by Nadesan from Beregala)
Gudu pol sambol
(by Srilal from Ruwanwella)
Kaha Malung with Kooni isso
(by Menike from Colombo 10, family from Haldumulla)

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