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Gudu pol sambol (by Srilal from Ruwanwella)

Gudu pol sambol is unique to a specific region and therefore cannot be found freely around Sri Lanka. This type of sambol is made by pilgrims as they make their way to Kataragama. The coconut is dried first to ensure that it will not spoil during the long journey that can last a few days. An interesting fact, is that it gets its name from the gudu-gudu sound made when the dried coconut is shaken. This recipe is by Srilal from Ruwanwella.


  • 50 gram red chillies

  • 25 gram black pepper

  • 50 gram garlic

  • Salt to taste

  • 3-4 drops of coconut oil

  • Lime to taste


  • The gudu pol pieces are pounded together using a stone mortar, when half done the other ingredients are added and pounded again to full. This mixture is fried with the 3-4 drops of oil. Add lime juice to taste. Pack for travel.

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Recipe source

  • Pol Sambol and Pol Mallung: A Collection of Recipes from Kitchens Across the Island by Ayseha Abdur-Rahman.

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