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Kiriya (Dambadeniya)

Kiriya made with essentially the same ingredients as dodol and follows the same technique to some degree; so it is likely a version of dodol. The sweet delicacy which is lighter in colour from other versions of dodol. Kiriya is a traditional Sinhalese treat that is made especially for Kiri Amma Dhanas in Sri Lanka. This recipe is by Chandrani from Dambadeniya.


  • 1kg rice flour

  • 6 coconuts

  • 500g jaggery

  • 1kg sugar

  • 100g raisins

  • pinch of salt

  • cardamom

  • cloves


  • scrape and extract milk from the 6 coconuts.

  • mix rice flour with the coconut milk

  • add the melted jaggery and sugar, salt

  • boil the mixture on a hot stove

  • stir well until oil appears on the top of the mixture

  • add cardamom, cloves and plums

  • Stir well

  • Take the mixture out of the stove

  • lay it on a flat surface

  • flatten it and cut into small pieces

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Recipe source

  • Chandrani from Dambadeniya

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