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  • 1973

Social Studies Grade 07

The lesson begins with the arrival and spread of Aryans and Dravidians in Lanka. No other history syllabus (1994, 1999, 2005, 2021) draws a distinction between “Arya” and “Dravidian”. Moreover, the story related in this particular section is long. Accordingly, in addition to the arrival of Vijaya, the stories about the settlement of Sri Lanka in the "Walahassa Jataka" and "Hyung Tsang" are mentioned as well. Vijaya’s arrival is followed by stories relating to Panduwasdeva, Bhaddakacchana, and others, all of whom are associated with the settlement of Aryan civilization in the country. The textbook details the political and social structures of society then. The authors have attempted to pinpoint students to the links between India and Sri Lanka, regarding the formation of civilizations in the island.

Vijaya’s arrival is linked inextricably with the Buddha’s passing away. This episode is related only in the present textbook and the 1994 essay. The story of Vijaya's coming to power is detailed imaginatively, as is the way he defeated the Yakshas.

The section titled “The Arrival of the Dravidians” relates the invasion of the Dravidians, an episode not to be found in any other textbook. From "Sena Guttika", who is considered to be the first Dravidian invader in the island, to Arya Chakravarti in the 13th century, these stories have been carefully detailed.

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  • 1973

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