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  • 1999

Social Studies and History Grade 07

This essay begins on an unconventional note by presenting information about Sri Lanka’s prehistory. It mentions several places and ruins, such as Pahiangala, Bellanbandipalassa, Pomparippu, and so on, associated with that prehistory. For the first time, diagrams have been used to accompany the text. Tables, maps, etc. were used in the syllabus of 1973, but this textbook features the Kelani Vihare painting of Vijaya’s meeting with Kuveni, drawn by Solias Mendis. It motivates students to imagine how Vijaya’s arrival took place. Compared to other textbooks, the genealogy is very crisp.

In presenting the story so concisely, however, no mention is made about Jivahattha and Disala, considered to be Vijaya’s and Kuveniya's children. Vijaya’s act of procuring a princess from Pandya and the subsequent Indo-Lanka migration are mentioned. Some rather interesting facts about the settlements built around Malwatu Oya have also been included.

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  • 1999

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