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  • 2021

History Grade 06

The abstraction or idea of “Arya-ness” is not given prominence in this essay. As such, terms like “Arya language” and “Arya people” have not been highlighted. Compared to other essays, descriptions are brief, with a short note spanning one and a half pages. An incident from Vijaya’s arrival in the island and his encounter with Kuveni has been represented visually in these pages. The illustration depicts the moment when Kuveni spun cotton at the exact time of Vijaya’s arrival. There are no other stories about the formation of settlements in Sri Lanka. Vijaya’s story is all too brief, though a description of settlements near the Malwatu Oya, following Vijaya’s capture of power in the island, is given.

Vijaya’s rise to power has been described to some extent. Points about the Yaksha tribe not mentioned in other textbooks have been detailed as well. For instance, the essay mentions the two cities that the tribe ruled over, Sirisavattuwa and Lankapura.

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  • 2021

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