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  • 1994

History Grade 06

Compared to other textbooks, this section adopts a rather critical approach. The genealogies listed in the section are long. But at the very end, the student is invited to understand history from a more critical perspective. We do not find such an approach in any other textbook (1973, 1999, 2005, 2021). In addition, a note about the places, and prehistoric archeological evidence, in Sri Lanka associated with the Ramayana are found have been included. Unlike other textbooks, no diagrams or maps have been used.

The story of the Ramayana is narrated at great length and the Buddha's death is linked with the arrival of Vijaya. This link is mentioned only in the 1973 syllabus. Vijaya's origin or his background in India is covered as well. It has not been detailed so considerably in other books.

After Vijaya landed in Sri Lanka, how he met Kuveni, a woman from the Yaksha tribe, has been described in detail and some information about the Yaksha tribe has been laid down. According to the narrative outlined here, the Veddha community in Sri Lanka trace their origins to the two children born to Vijaya and Kuveni. This rather fascinating detail is not mentioned in other books.

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  • 1994

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