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Everyone should receive aid equally

I built this shop with no help from the Government, with my own two hands. I now work here six days a week. In addition, I head several local societies, including the women’s society. I want a better life for my children.

Many donors only help the Tamil people. That hurts us. We don’t blame our Tamil neighbours, as we know it is the fault of the donors. But everyone should receive aid equally. Nearby, there was a CARITAS project where 29 houses were given out. Not even one Sinhalese family got aid. In another housing scheme, just 8 houses out of 50 were given to Sinhalese.

Alcoholism and drugs are a problem, particularly among the youth as they can’t find jobs. The poorest families have to stop their children's education. There have been cases of abuse and teen pregnancy too.

An unspoken of narrative is the plight of the Sinhalese minority families. Often, their stories were forgotten and they received little aid rebuilding their lives with difficulty.

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