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My village is in Punguduthivu. I was a small child when we were displaced in 1990. We walked nearly fifteen kilometers to reach Jaffna. My family members carried household things that were portable. Since I was so small they told me to carry my pet puppy. I carried him because he was too small to walk that distance. A few days after we reached Jaffna the puppy died. Again in 1995 we moved to Kilinochchi and from there to Vavuniya in 1996. Now we are in Jaffna. When we were in Punguduthivu my father was not with us most of the time. My mother was very nervous to stay in our house. So we never stayed in our own house after dusk. My memory of the house is not so pleasant but still I like it compared to the other ones, because it belonged to us. I still long for a house where there is no night.

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