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Keppetipola Road

Brownrigg Road was named after Robert Brownrigg. In 1815, Brownrigg, as Governor of Ceylon annexed the Kandyan Kingdom and brought the entire country under the British yoke. In an ironic twist of fate this road is now named Keppetipola Mawatha. Keppetipola was a warrior Dissawa from Uva who led a rebellion against the British forces and was subsequently executed for high treason.

Want to know more about Keppetipola Disawe?

Rajapaksa Wickramasekera Mudiyanselage Bandaranayake Monarawila Keppetipola (Sinhala:රාජපක්ෂ වික්‍රමසේකර මුදියන්සේලාගේ බණ්ඩාරනායක මොනරවිල කැප්පැටිපොල), more widely known as Keppetipola Disawe was a Disawe, a high-ranking official under the rule of King Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe and later under the British Administration in Sri Lanka (then known as Ceylon). He was a prominent leader of the Uva rebellion of 1818 after he joined the rebels he was sent to suppress by the British. The rebellion was defeated by the British, and Keppetipola Disawe along with several other leaders of the rebellion were found guilty of high treason and sentenced to death. He is well known for the exceptional courage that he showed at the moment of his execution and is now a national hero of Sri Lanka.

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