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George R. De Silva Mawatha

George R. de Silva Mawatha in Colombo 12 was previously known as Skinner’s Road (north). It was named after George R. de Silva who was once the mayor of Colombo and the first treasurer of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

Want to know more about George R. De Silva?

George Reginald de Silva (8 August 1898–28 July 1968) was a Ceylonese politician.
De Silva was elected State Council of Ceylon for Ratnapura upon the death of his uncle, A. H. E. Molamure. In January 1943 he was elected Mayor of Colombo, a position he retained until December that year. In 1947 the Soulbury Constitution replaced the State Council with the Parliament of Ceylon, as part of a process of constitutional development leading up to the country's independence.

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