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Rules in Angampora

Image source: www.angampora.com

There is a famous oath in Angampora known as the “Seven Oaths” or දිවුරුම් හත (divurum hatha) in Sinhala.

  • A Student may not abandon his training half-way through
  • Must use Angam only for self-defense
  • He must honor and respect his teachers, seniors and elders
  • In public, he will be discreet and humble about his Angam skills and identity as an Angam practitioner
  • He will use his knowledge of Angam to protect the helpless
  • He will mainly teach the arts of Angam to those with gentle, willful and compassionate personalities.
  • The purpose of his Angam studies and training should not in any way aim for wealth or fame

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