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1) You are on a family trip on the Southern Highway and when you suddenly feel hungry. You eat a whole packet of biscuits, what would you do with the wrapper?
2) It’s time for lunch. Your family decides to take a detour off the highway and have a picnic lunch by the beach. When you’re done with lunch you notice there’s a pile of boxes, bags, and yogurt cups accumulated. What do you do?
3) You arrive at your destination. It’s a quaint guest house directly by the beach. Just as you’re about to grab your travel bag, you notice the garbage bags. What runs through your mind?
4) As soon as you get to your room, you change into your swimmers and make a beeline to the beach. When you get there you notice that the beautiful beach is littered. What do you do?
5) The staff is visibly upset. They explain that they do clean the beach regularly but most of the rubbish comes from the sea and is washed up on the beach so frequently they find it difficult to clean it fast enough. How do you respond?

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